Handmade Leather Goods

Horween Dublin

Over the time we have been making leather goods, we have used a number of different leathers from various tanneries. We plan to continue to offer a variety of choices when it comes to different leather, but we will strive to always have Horween Dublin in stock to make your favorite leather items.

The reason to establish Horween Dublin as a hallmark leather for Night Heron Leather are plentiful:

First, Horween Dublin is a leather tanned in America. While tanneries all over the world produce fine leathers, we wanted to offer leather goods that were sourced in America and made in America.

Second, Horween Dublin has a traditional and rugged look that ages very well. The natural grain of the leather is evident on every piece. It's a versatile leather that looks good in many different leather designs. 

Third, the color options are various. We will carry the Black, Brown Nut, English Tan, and Natural.

Check out our Horween Collections Page for the many different leather items we offer in Horween Dublin.